Sarah Cottrell’s Writing Portfolio


You Do You (I Just Want to Pee Alone Series Book 6) (2018)
But Did You Die? (2017)
I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone ( 2015) ~ New York Time Bestselling series
Only Trollops Shave Above The Knees (2015)
It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery (2015)
Clash of the Couples (2014)
Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays (2014)


500 Pens ~ A project launched by the Southern Poverty Law Center
His Murder Changed One Maine City Forever

How Mommy Drinking Culture Has Normalized Alcoholism For Women In America

How To Tell If You’re A ‘Lawnmower Parent’ and What To Do About It

New York Magazine
Why Do Newborn Babies Smell So Delicious? 

REAL Simple

This Is What Happened When I Got Rid of All My Kids’ Things

I Took A DNA Test and the Results Were Shocking

This Is What It’s Like Raising a Child With Hemophilia

I Tried Swedish Death Cleaning – And Here’s How My Family Reacted

The Questions I Wish I Had Asked Before I Bought My Country House

Washington Post
Worried That My Kids Would Only Remember Me As A Stressed Out Mom, I Tried This

VICE Tonic
Grieving Made Me a Hypochondriac

Features & Interviews

CNN Living quoted Housewife Plus author Sarah Cottrell for a story on how to deal with kids and snow days. — 2017

SELF Magazine interviewed Housewife Plus author Sarah Cottrell — 2016

NPR — Holiday Stress & Humor — Housewife Plus — On air radio guest 2015

Catalogs of Work

The following are links to Sarah’s author profiles at sites where she has published multiple articles and media projects.

News Writer (2017 — 2018)
Babble is the parenting and lifestyle website for Disney. Cottrell wrote both news and personal essays for Babble. Her 2018 essay, How Mommy Drinking Culture Has Normalized Alcoholism For Women In America went viral and pivoted her writing to include the topic of sobriety and women.

Bangor Daily News

Cottrell started blogging at the BDN in 2013 with her blog, Housewife Plus. Eventually, she took over the BDN blog network, coaching more than 200 bloggers while maintaining her Housewife Plus brand.

Dear Liz — Bangor Daily News 
Bangor Daily News (2017)
Dear Liz was designed to be a cheeky advice column created by the BDN staff to grow an entertainment following. Readers would write to ‘Liz’ and ask relationship or etiquette questions and get colorful replies.

Housewife Plus — Bangor Daily News
Bangor Daily News (2013–2017)
Housewife Plus was Sarah Cottrell’s original blog where she chronicled the life of rural parenthood. The blog morphed into a popular Facebook page that currently has over 27,000 followers and counting.

Huffington Post
Sarah Cottrell was a Huffington Post blogger where she syndicated her Bangor Daily News blog posts and also wrote original book reviews.

Regular Contributor (2016 — current)
Cottrell is a contributor to Momtastic where she covers issues of interest to mothers such as pregnancy health, parenting and marriage, and lifestyle.

Contributor (2017 — current)
Cottrell is a regular contributor to Ravishly where she writes stories about feminism, sex, marriage, and politics.

She Knows
Contributor (2018 – current)
Cottrell is a regular contributor to She Knows where she writes service stories on parenting, lifestyle, and women’s interests.

Scary Mommy
Staff Writer (2014–2017)
Sarah Cottrell was a staff writer for Scary Mommy where she was empowered to write edgy, pro-feminist essays about womanhood, motherhood, and politics.


Maine Press Association — First Place Features Blogger 2015

Push Cart Prize nominee 2015

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