Writing and Coaching Services

Sarah Cottrell has been coaching bloggers on everything from blogging basics, essay writing, crafting professional pitches, blog networking, social media, and SEO since 2016. Below are her current writing and coaching services. For rates and serious inquiries, please contact Sarah here.

Basic Blogging 101

Sarah will look over your blog and assess strengths and weaknesses before crafting a personalized set of suggestions for improvements. She will also provide a guide for boosting your blogging practice that includes a bulleted list of actions to implement right away. Basic Blogging 101 comes with a one-hour phone meeting so that the client may ask as many questions about basic blogging as needed. Clients will come away with a better understanding of the following:

  1. Effective headline writing
  2. Target word count
  3. How to use SEO keywords in a post
  4. How to find and appropriately use copyright free images and why this is crucial
  5. How to create a blog post formula for consistent writing
  6. How to share blog posts on social media platforms to gain traffic

How To Pitch Editors

Pitching digital magazine editors can be intimidating. You might have a great idea but if you can’t convey that quickly, then your brilliant words may not see the light of day by editors. In this one-on-one workshop, Sarah will teach you how to write the kinds of pitches that grab the attention of even the busiest editors. This package includes examples of successful pitches that landed paid writing assignments as well as a tip sheet to keep on hand. Clients may have Sarah assist in writing/workshopping one pitch for the client to use. Clients will come away with the following:

  1. An example of a successful pitch to a national magazine
  2. Tips on headline writing
  3. Tips on how to sell an idea in one paragraph or less
  4. Tips on what to show editors if you’ve been previously published (this is called a “clip”) and what to show or say if you have not been previously published.
  5. What power words are and how to use them effectively
  6. How to respond to rejection letters so that you can pitch again.

Pitch Review

If you have a great idea and you’ve written a pitch but aren’t having any luck, Sarah will give it a look over and give you some suggestions on how to improve it. This does not include the same information as is included in the How To Pitch Editors workshop.

Social Media Strategy

Have you started a Facebook or Instagram account and you’re just not sure how to grow it? Don’t worry, Sarah has been through it too, which is why her Facebook page, Housewife Plus has more than 40,000 followers and her Instagram as more than 52,000! She will walk you through exactly what kinds of things to do to help grow your page to meet your social media strategy goals. This is especially important for authors looking to create an audience base before the launch of a new book.

This includes the following:

  1. How to share other creators content appropriately (captions, watermarks, copyright rules, and tagging etiquette.)
  2. How to find or create share groups
  3. How to use stories effectively
  4. How to create the various types of popular Facebook and Instagram posts that consumers love

Copy Editing

Writing can be a glorious experience until you get to the part where you have to start paying close attention to all those commas and spelling snafus. Sarah can help you smooth out your work be it creative, research, academic, and more by giving you the peace of mind that your work is error free.

If you’re interested in any of these services please contact Sarah with a specific inquiry and she will send you her rate sheet.

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